Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maybe I am Skeered

Ok, this blog thing has got me messed up in the head. First off I know no-one's reading this (well except you Matt). Secondly I realize that most people don't care anyway. It's liberating a bit to write a blog, I think I could get used to it if I only had more time.

Now to the skeered part. I have yet to post any of my actual story writing. I think I know why I haven't, but I am not quite 100% sure. See I am a pre-writer, a procrastinator, and a re-writer. This is the primary reason I have never completed a novel. I have a short story or two, but I still can't help going back to them every few months and completely changing them. I love the idea of freedom that blogging my writing can give me, I can write it and let it go out into the world. I am becoming the overbearing, protective mother with my writing.

To put it up here and that's it, it's out is actually very frightening for me. I am going to do it soon, but I may have a few more just random thoughts and ideas posts too.

Friday, April 2, 2010

More Exposition, and a Warning

Ok I just wanted to warn people that the first group of posts are probably going to come pretty fast.  I have written quite a bit already on legal pads while in the hospital.  Once I get everything rolling I hope to generally try to post at least something once a day. 

Warning – My writing is generally rated PG, though I do tend to drift into PG-13 or even R territory with the violence.  Hopefully nothing I do would be seen as too gratuitous, but I do like to gore it up a bit sometimes.  Language use is again hopefully semi-realistic, most people in our world do curse when under duress, and I love to put characters under duress.

Another Blog, Another Day

This blog is, in a way a companion to my friend Matt’s Blog,  Matt's Book Blog.   We have both always liked writing, and discussing stories and ideas back and forth. 

Recently we got to hang out and started discussing the upcoming inevitable zombie apocalypse.  After parting ways I wound up the in Hospital, with Satan’s pneumonia, for three days.  During these lurid, boring, drug induced days I started working on a zombie story. At the same time, and without my knowledge Matt was working on a Zombie story as well.

I decided to start this to work on the story and post some just to finally get my writing out there somewhere.  It will probably be a continuing storyline for now, but there is lots of room to expand.