Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zombies Day 30 (Cont.)

God he looks like tool, Steven couldn’t help to think to himself. 

It seemed Kyle and his family had taken some ideas from Road Warrior and Dog The Bounty Hunter, concerning their style and vehicles.  He had slowly made his way to behind the group watching them the whole way.  He saw the collection of trucks and one old Monte Carlo parked in the lot around the hedge.  Kyle had his foot on the bumper the the old Chevy car still arguing with who Steven recognized as Kyles Uncle Joe.

“Joe I am going in now, we both know we need any ammo or weapons still in there and I don’t want to be out after dark”

“We can’t be sure it’s safe Kyle shit they are still moving around the place, and I aint heard a shot in at least five minutes.”  What about survirors, they could be out of ammo and just waiting to die in there, we have to do something.”  “Nephew I aint gotta do a da…”

“Joe Savage, you might not want to finish your words unless you want to get them knocked out of your mouth”  Steven smiled at the voice and looked at the lady getting out of the Monte Carlo. 

At 75 Happy Savage had led a long and happy life, she had raised kids, grandkids and some that didn’t even belong to the family.  Just pulling out of a rough bout with cancer when the zombies started ravaging the world.  She decided that if she could kick cancers ass a few zombies wasn’t going to screw up her life.  She didn’t hide away, she said lets get these fuckers.  Standing at five-foot-five inches she looked tiny next to the assault rifle she was holding.  “Now, we are going in there, and if there are people alive we are going to help them if they want it, and we take any weapons or food.”  She put on her sunglasses, her grey hair shining under the Texas sun.  “Lets go”

Steven watched them spread out around the hedge putting items between themselves and the others left surrounding the shop.  Without a word spoken between them every member of the group took aim.  Again he found himself holding his breath way too long, he jumped at the first crack of gunfire as granny blasted the biggest zombie in the back of the head taking another with it.  The air was full of gunfire the row of people were quickly dispatching the group of others. 

Eventually the idiot zombies realized they were being killed and they turned en masse and rushed the family. 

No-one in the line moved, they just fired faster.

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