Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zombies Day 25

He wondered how long before the world knew about his kind.

Steven walked down the flat Texas road, he looked down at his shoes and saw that they were about to fall apart. He had just gotten these weeks before in Arkansas, he had hoped they would have made it. He had at least tried to keep up some form of good appearance throughout this whole ordeal. Not like the the others, he still laughed about calling them that, how many the others could there be in pop culture, now there really were others and they sucked.

He knew people didn't realize his kind existed, not that it really mattered anyway. He was still hungry, still had to eat and that was the problem. Oh he wasn't running around without abandon like the others, but he still needed to eat. It was best not to think about that now.

He wasn't sure why he was going there, true he had lived in that small town for most of his formidable years, but Arkansas was home, why Texas. He knew the answer, it was the same every time. Kyle was all he had left. His best friend, his brother in all ways but blood, his family was either dead or others, his last contact with Kyle in the ordeal was that he had made to his family's house and they were barricading up.

He had hoped he could make it, be safe but he doesn't know whats going to happen now. He didn't count on being a Zombie when he got there.

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