Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zombies Day 30

Steven peeked around the overturned truck, watching the gunfight.  The others were still moving towards the pawn shop en masse, the few  survivors inside were still unloading on them.  Looking to the left he saw about ten people ducked down behind a small hedge.  He assumed they were scavengers.  Every couple of seconds one of them would look over the hedge to check the status of the pawn shop. 

He heard a commotion from the scavengers, even with his improved sight  he couldn't see through the hedges but there was an argument coming from their ranks.

“Dammit I am going in there, we don’t know how many could be alive.” “Boy, it doesn’t matter if there are fifty or five in there we aint moving till them dead bastards out there aint moving.”

There was a sharp curse from behind the hedge, then he saw the speaker stalk to peer around at the Pawn Shop.

If he still had to breathe to survive Steven would have been dead he had been holding it so long watching the guy stomp around and curse.  It was Kyle, the one person that he hoped could help him somehow, could understand. 

He had gotten excited at the Tyler city limits sign, he knew he was close.  Distances were hard without a car, but the few that were drivable on the road didn't have keys and he didn't relish the thought of navigating the pile ups on the small Texas roads.  Luckily his new affliction had given him some perks. 

He had made it here on foot and wasn't the least bit tired, no aches or pains.  In fact he felt pretty damn good, except for the fact that he was technically dead.  He did have some blisters and calluses on his feet and they ached a bit, but he could tell his nerves had been dulled.  He had cut and burned his hands up testing them already.

He didn’t  have to worry about breathing, though he still found himself doing it most of the time.  Except for the pain, fear, and sadness with dying and the pain with what he assumed was rigor mortis he was ok.  He almost classified himself as a vampire, except all the sun did was give him a burn.  He found that he had the speed of the Others, with more intelligence, and he could see and hear quite better, even if everything looked a little grey.  He made his way to where he though the mall was to find himself in the middle of gunfire.

His entrance into Tyler had been uneventful until now, he couldn’t believe he had made it to Kyle’s family, and hopefully they could help him. 

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